The Ghosts of San Juan Bautista
Points of Tranquility II

l - r :  "Make America Grate Again"   |   "Put No False Gods Before Me"   |   Anti-Christ [He shall speak pompous words....and shall intend to change the set times and the laws] 
Candlelight Vigil
Sleep and Dream Little One
A Child's Heart
Elements of Love
Ascension and Descension
Foundation of America
The Astronomer
Bless the Children of Pilsen
Dress Form II
Sacred Heart
Crash Test Dummy
Apparition II
The Climatologist
Home of the Brave
Fallen Angel
"It's the Real Thing"     |     "Temptations"     |     "Punks for Peace"
I Still See
Spirit of Chicago
Psychic Readings
The Apparition
Chemical Warfare

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